Photo credit Shaji Manshadwith.

Beauty in ordinary things.

As I was trudging to the train station yesterday with my head down as the traffic roared past I spotted something which caught my eye beside the footpath.

There amongst the compost was a captivating sight.

Pushing up through the dirt was a small clump of tiny tan coloured mushrooms which were perfect in their form.  They were shiny capped and clumped together like a little fairy village.

I was transixed.

The recent torrential rains and high winds were temporarily forgotten as I stared in surprise and admiration.

I have been thinking lately about ‘mindfulness’ versus the crazy way we live caught up in the stress of our daily lives.

It is good to take time out and really look at what is around us…to quietly contemplate the beauty of nature.

There truly is beauty in ordinary things if you just spend a moment to truly look.

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2 Responses to Beauty in ordinary things

  1. Lovely imagery! Thanks for brightening a grey morning in the UK. Thanks for subscribing to my blog too and drawing my attention to yours.

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